Greenheck Fan Corporation SYNC110 / SYNC-110SE-S1

Energy Recovery Ventilators, Ventilation Fans

Greenheck's SYNC110 is a compact, energy-efficient energy recovery ventilator providing an afforable, balanced ventilation solution. Features: • The SYNC-110SE-S1 energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is the perfect high-performance solution for single or multifamily installations with limited mechanical space. • The low-profile design (9.75-inch height) simplifies installations in bulkheads and drop ceilings • The SYNC-110SE-S1 is powered by two electronically commutated motors (ECM) with adaptive, variable speed technology programmed to adapt to the static pressure associated with a dirty filter or core. The motor reacts to increased static pressure by increasing its speed to ensure you have the airflow required to maintain a healthy balance. • 50-130 cfm operational range with high-speed selections. • Total Recovery Core: The cross-flow energy recovery core transfers heat and moisture between two airstreams without allowing cross contamination. Used for balanced mechanical ventilation in humid environments to reduce air conditioning (AC) energy costs. In colder climates, moisture transfer is reversed. The unit helps to moderate humidity and the core is a highly efficient heat exchanger. Can be easily removed for cleaning or service. • HVI Certified • Frost Prevention: Temperature sensor activated. Supply air shuts off to defrost core with warm exhaust air at high speed. Condensation lines are not required.

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